The world of Emeralds – IV

Panna gemstones are not just extensively beautiful but also extraordinarily beneficial and maybe that is why it is counted among the most expensive gemstones of the world.

Gorgeous green-colored Emeralds or Panna gemstones are not just extensively beautiful but also extraordinarily beneficial and maybe that is why it is counted among the most expensive gemstones of the world. Though there are 4 c’s of any gemstone i.e., cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, but the origin of a gemstone also plays a significant role in determining its overall quality and ultimate price.

Even being a relatively expensive stone, emerald gemstones fetch a high demand in national as well as international gemstone markets. Depending on the color, clarity, size, and origin the prices of Panna prices range from $14 (₹ 1000) to $5000 (₹ 3,50,000) per carat. Here we are discussing the prices of emerald gemstones based on their origins. To read out the 4 c’s of emerald gemstone please refer to the series, The world of Emeralds – III.

Origins of Panna or Emerald gem

Mines of Emerald or Panna have been discovered in Zambia, Colombia, Russia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, and the United States of America. Among all the origins, Panjshir (Afghanistan), Colombian, and Swat Emeralds are considered to be of superior quality.

The splendid Valley of Swat, located at the bank of river Swat, Pakistan, is known for its unique and profound green-colored emeralds and their distinctive smooth transparency. Mostly they arise in a smaller size and are rarely found in big sizes.

In small sizes, these emeralds hold the renowned rich bottle green color with perfect consistency. As it starts getting larger in size, it begins to lose the consistent color. A clean 2-carat piece of Swat valley emerald is even rare to locate. The emeralds of the Swat region can cost you anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per two-carat based on the clarity and the size.

While Panjshir emeralds of Afghanistan are also amongst the most exclusive varieties of the emerald clan.

Since Afghanistan and Pakistan share borders and hold similar quality in their land, the prices of their emeralds are quite the same. A 2 carat of Panjshir emerald gemstones fall anywhere between $500 to $5,000. Russian emeralds also cost similar to Panjshir.
On the other hand, Colombia is not just the largest producer of emeralds in the world, but also the owner of the finest quality emeralds.

Having a perfectly saturated green shade, these emeralds hold a balanced tint of blue and yellow color. A 2 carat of Colombian emerald gemstone starts from $100 and can go as high as $5,000 depending upon the clarity and the carat weight.

In terms of quality, Colombian origin is followed by Zambia.

Renowned for the deep bluish-green hue, these Zambian emeralds range from $40 to $2,000. In terms of price, Ethiopian and Brazilian emeralds are similar to Zambians.

Emeralds are also found in Madagascar, an island country of East Africa. An African emerald weighing 2 carats costs somewhere between $20 to $1,000.
Rare of the Rarest Emerald

As we all know, Emeralds belong to the Beryl mineral family, which also includes beryl includes aquamarine gemstone. In general, Emerald gemstone is accessible in green color, but that's not all. There also occur Red Emeralds.

These US-originated Emeralds, also known as Bixbite Gemstones are the rarest species of the Emerald gemstone group. These red-colored emeralds from Utah, USA cost the most expensive for a 0.50-carat piece ranging in between $5,000 to $40,000.

The Best Emerald Ever

However, among all, No-oil emerald is always considered to be the best and exclusive version of Emerald. They are genuinely natural emeralds, as they are completely untouched, untreated, and unheated.

Since they do not contain any openings and cracks in them, they can’t absorb any kind of oil or treatment in them. Henceforth, even if you want to treat them, you can’t.

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