Each issue of NBA 2K has featured at least one NBA player

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JBM Captain of the team, was awarded MVP honors for Nba 2k22 Mt his 20.5 PPG average and 7 APG throughout the Finals. He also appeared to drop clutch 3 after the clutch 3 when USA was behind Dominican Republic (he was 7-10 at 3 during Game 2) After being awarded the honor, JBM remained humble and said that the win was a team effort.

"There's no real word to describe the event," said JBM to USABasketball following the event. "To carry USA Basketball's reputation and win, to be able to win those nail-biters, to be a fighter after losing that first game, these guys truly stood by me."

Each issue of NBA 2K has featured at least one NBA player. It all began with Allen Iverson's initial NBA 2K. In contrast with the NBA Live series' cover artists they also have NBA 2K games feature multiple cover artists. Iverson was featured on the cover of the initial five games and Shaquille Oleal was featured back-to-back in NBA 2K6 NBA 2K7. Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant are also featured on several covers.

NBA 2K11 was the first series to feature retired players as the cover. The cover was Michael Jordan in 2010. Jordan was back as the player who was featured on the cover for NBA 2K12 with limited edition Magic Johnson covers and Larry Bird covers. NBA 2K13 is the first when multiple players are featured on the same cover. Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant are among them. NBA 2K14 featured the first cover with LeBron James. NBA 2K15 featured Kevin Durant. NBA 2K16 featured three covers featuring stars James Harden and Stephen Curry.

Each NBA 2K Game Of The 2010s The 2010s, ranked from the worst to Best. NBA games have been extremely loved over the years even though a large number of basketball enthusiasts like watching them. However, there have also been instances when a person was not in a position to attend a game. It is often difficult to schedule basketball matches that is especially apparent in recent months. Thankfully this is not the case with the NBA 2K video games allow anyone to play basketball at any point they'd like, as it attempts to mt for sale 2k22 mimic the actual experience as accurately as is possible.