RuneScape - I'm with the comment about parents and gaming online

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Another thought: I think it has also taught me that some of RuneScape gold your frist friends you meet will be your life long friends even after. Sadly most of my friends from RS have quit however there are two I talk to daily on Skype even if they are not playing. We have kept in touch and enjoyed talking to each other! Don't do what I did and quit high school without talking to your classmates. Trust me, you will feel much better once you reconnect with your classmates on facebook.

I think somebody else mentioned this but it can show the concept that life is all about routine. It is imperative to do the exact same thing each day at work. My work is 75. Do you think so? You're just as jelly!

I'm with the comment about parents and gaming online. When I was in high school, my parents didn't approve that I really enjoyed playing. They do not. It is something I have tried to "hide” over the decades, even though I am sure that my mom is aware. However, it's my dad who tries hard to cut into the game.

As you know, the RS community has changed a lot throughout the years. I have learned a lot back then from other members who were willing to chat with you when you were down, who would give you excellent tips. We are like.. and as depressing as it sounds, we are now like an alternative "World of Warcraft", solely because of the age limitations that most people are facing. In the past, teenagers were more prevalent than adults. Nowadays, nearly all teenagers are present. However, that doesn't mean you won't spot the odd adult bird.

As a clanner, I consider responsibility to be the primary lesson that the game has given me. Back in the day when f2p warring was huge I've been in two clans and buy RS gold have learned how leadership, management as well as in the process have learned a bit about HTML/PHP.