11 Reasons to Fly with the Creative Body Flow Aerial Teacher Trainings.

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At Bend & Fly we’ve reinvented movement. Get ready for a 3 dimensional experience at Brisbane's first Yoga & Aerial studio right in West End. Let's move your body and soothe your soul!

These 11 Reasons to Fly with Creative Body Flow Aerial Teacher Training’s tell you everything you need to know about these industry-leading courses. 

Love Aerial? Here’s 11 Unique Reason’s why this is The Teacher Training For YOU. 

  1. The Creative Body Flow 50HR Essentials is suitable for complete yoga and aerial beginners to already qualified movement instructors and health professionals.
  2. For those looking to continue professional development in Aerial, we also offer a next step of an industry-first 150HR Postgraduate Program for you to harness the key therapeutic benefits of the Aerial hammock and broaden your scope of treatment further.
  3. This Aerial Yoga Teacher Course Curriculum has been created by the pioneer of the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Australia – Renae Stevens, who was trained in NYC by the creator of the Aerial Hammock himself – Christopher Harrison. 


  1. The 50 Hr Essentials Course is spread out across 7 weeks to ensure you maximise learning outcomes and allowing you not to sacrifice work or family commitments 
  2. Our training is more comprehensive than other Aerial Yoga Teacher training courses available on the market today – providing a deeper understanding of the biomechanical, physiological and psychological benefits and precautions of aerial applications 
  3. You be more confident, competent and ready to teach aerial yoga through a combination of theoretical and practical learning 
  4. With the possibility to do this course entirely online via live-streaming and on-demand learning, you can save thousands in travel, food, accommodation
  5. Our training can provide a hammock kit and knowledge how to rig you hammock at home or in studio
  6. The 150HR course now includes a Bonus Hammock Kit for a limited time we also sell studio-quality hammocks and rigging accessories.
  7. Our training unlocks new business opportunities through the use of both the therapeutic applications of the aerial hammock and a 20HR Aerial Business Module (available in the Postgraduate)
  8. Unlimited ongoing support, advice and care (and private Facebook group), before during and after graduation.