16 Cool Avatar Making Apps You Must Try For Android and iOS In 2021

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Are you a social butterfly who likes exploring the world and making new friends online? Then, you must have noticed username is no longer enough in the modern digital world. It has become significant to also flaunt off avatars on your profile. Why? Because it’s so much fun!  It represents you in the digital world, and regardless of how you look in real life, your avatar can be suave, hot, geeky, cute, or funny, to name a few choices. In this article know about some best Avatar Making Apps For Android and iOS.


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However, apart from being cool and popular- there is another reason to use an avatar- privacy. What if you don’t want others to know your real identity? Thus, it is always wise to go for an avatar rather than using the picture of your real face. Cyberbullying is a serious issue. An avatar will keep you happy as well as secured in the wild web of the modern era.


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  • Personalization of background with daily updated MojiWorld feature
  • Has a community where one can share their art to get likes, comments, and shares


Final Note


Social media tends to get generic and monotonous from time to time. It is brilliant thing developers came up with innovative ways to spice up our social media experience. Avatars are incredible internet tools to infuse a sense of mystery without being too serious or cryptic. Make the best use of the amazing avatar making apps enlisted above to create funky 3D versions of you today!



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