9 Tips for Choosing the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

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Ensure that your bookmarker has good friendly customer service to determine its genuineness.

Betting is fun and rewarding at the same time.  Out of so many websites, choosing the best cricket betting site is not so easy, given the array of options available on the internet. Some websites offer free money offers for signup or many other attractive discounts to lure you into making a quick decision. But the fact is though the offers are lucrative, one needs to consider a few essential factors before taking the plunge.  

Let’s see what they are!

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India


  • Do Thorough Research on The Trustworthiness


Do extensive research on the website. Though it is time taking, extensive research will save you time in the later stages. When you check it online, you will know which ones are trustworthy and which ones aren't. Look for the reviews regarding the bookmakers. Reviews are the spokespeople who tell you if the bookmakers pay its winners or not, follow the rules, and have a grievance addressing system in place. 

Ensure that your bookmarker has good friendly customer service to determine its genuineness.


  • Website Downtime


Imagine the website having technical difficulties during the peak betting hours! Website downtime is a crucial factor to check as it affects the betting process altogether. Check out the company’s website and reviews regarding the same. Look out for downtime, page loading speed, and random links to ensure no technical glitches are associated with it. You can check the website's reviews for the same too while you do the research.


  • Option For Mobile Betting


Check out if the bookmaker's website is mobile compatible. Not always can one be at the computer to place bets? Betting over the phone is convenient. Additionally, check if your bookmakers charge a minimum bet amount to place your bets over the phone so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket later.


  • Support Articles


The support articles on the bookmaker's website help you understand their expertise in the field. Additionally, you can broaden your knowledge if a trustworthy source writes the articles. Hence, look for a professional and knowledgeable website that you can easily understand through his support articles. You can determine why the website offers specific cricket betting odds based on the topics and the expertise.


  • Don't Fall for The Welcome Bonus


There are many scams taking place with betting sites. Hence avoid bookmakers who offer you the highest or unrealistic welcome bonus. If it sounds too good to be true, then go back to Tip 1, extensive research.  Bookmakers with a positive reputation understand that they don’t need to give high bonuses if there isn’t a need. Don’t risk your deposit amount.


  • Payment Options


Look for bookmakers who offer a variety of patent options to their clients. Varied yet secure payment options shows a website's customer service too, and convenient payment options make it easy for you to choose the mode of transactions,


  • Look For the Variety of Sports They Include


Cricket is the most popular fantasy sport in India and usually the one most betting companies focus upon.  There are many other spots that are available for betting like Football betting, Hockey betting, Kabaddi betting, Tennis betting etc. Hence if you are into varied sports, then the more interesting it gets, and you can have one trustworthy website for all the betting and betting-related or sports-related news instead of having to visit many websites.


  • Secured Payments


Look for a secured website that can keep your payment as well as personal details safe. Check if the website uses secure domains and their transactions are done through secure and encrypted payment methods. 


  • Competitive Odds


Competitive odds are essential while choosing a bookmaker. Punters look for the best value for their selections. So having an account with a bookmaker who charges only small margins would be the best bet. The bookmaker should also be willing to place a decent sum at the cricket betting odds they advertise.  Additionally, choose a bookmaker who gives you the advertised rate and not less.

We hope that the tips were helpful to you in zeroing down the right website for your cricket betting. When looking for a cricket betting website, do not settle for anything less than the best. Check for the websites that offer you all the features you require as a punter. There is nothing wrong with making a small deposit first if the bookmaker is right for you, meets the criteria, and is trustworthy.

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