How to sell used cars online?

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People interested in buying a used car no longer spend hours browsing one dealership after another in search of the model they want.

Now they do their searches on the internet and when they go to an agency they are almost determined to make their purchase. How to make the agency visit yours?

The answer is simple: with photos and videos from your inventory, many and of the best quality. Beyond the explanations that you add about the characteristics of the vehicle, it is the images themselves that will seduce potential buyers or car buying companies in the UK that give you an instant valuation for your car

The details count, so showing all the qualities and functionalities of the car is important. But it is also important that the way you display your inventory is dynamic and entertaining and not boring and tedious.

Viewing the cars inside and out will give buyers confidence and increase the attractiveness of the units.

Direct communication channels

If you add to this functionality the possibility that the buyer can start a conversation with a seller at the moment of clicking on the car that interests them, you will be creating a qualified lead with which you can continue communication.

It is a way to make a smooth transition between the digital and the real world to offer potential customers the best shopping experience.

If you consider the statistics that indicate that 90 percent of people interested in buying a car start their search on the internet, you will understand the urgency of giving due importance to this channel. There are many enthusiast that keep an eye for Vintage cars also so you should know how to look after your classic car before you sell it. 

360º photos and detailed videos of the cars, driving tutorials, explanations of financing options, information on road safety and best maintenance practices, and solutions to potential mechanical problems should be part of the content you share on your website and your social media to attract new prospects.

Message customization

Direct links with sales staff and emails or WhatsApp with personalized information will offer quality service that customers will appreciate and will differentiate your agency.

Offering the best customer experience throughout the purchase cycle and beyond the sale is what will make them loyal to your business and will make them come back and recommend you.

Position yourself on the internet with an attractive and useful website that is responsive and easily viewable on mobile devices and that offers the opportunity for your customers to engage in a direct conversation that builds trust. Those are the keys to selling used cars online in today's digitized world.