RuneScape - Jagex's involvement in the game has increased overall

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"The community must be adamant about following rules and fire cape osrs shunning those who don't," the player added. Lacking customers, the websites that set up bots will shut down, and the only botter will be the isolated real player. The three principles of Jagex's code of conduct - "Honour," “Respect,"Respect," and "Security” - are the responsibility of both the players and the community, as well as Jagex.

We're committed to eliminating bots from our games. We want to have more open conversations with you regarding what our real challenges are. We want to involve you more in this battle to ensure that we all win the fight together. We are also determined to continue our investment in RuneScape to make it an excellent game and a wonderful community. Many thanks.

Anyone see the effects of this bot busting update? Personally, I can see myself getting a rapier for a complete mother fudgebrownieing joke. I'd like to trade my rapier in for a maul and a ZS. It's so stupid. I attempt to get frostdragons. I try tabulating it out first, as I was unsure whether I was a fan of flame. The second attempt is good until, whups! My rapier is hit and Mother Fudger raises his deflection shield. In fact, now that I think about it, SoSolid should put up an awe-inspiring video of him trying to take his own life (with the Frost Dragon shield) ...) lol).

Yep, thats the way you die. While I am aware that bots are being removed, it's an excellent idea. I would prefer to have five billion bots rather than how this is. This is why I lost nearly 400k in bone. Screw Jagex. It's too much. They don't allow FT/W as they care about the gold farmers (yes they took out Gold4rs). It's a huge whup. I notice they're not persueing gold4fun)

Jagex's involvement in the game has increased overall. Laissez-Faire game development was the place where items and mechanics were put into the game and never touched again, ruled for many decades. Many mechanical issues were introduced, such as the massive disparity in the Melee/Range/Mage styles of combat. Jagex only recently began to osrs inferno cape buy look seriously at game mechanics and begin working on polishing them.