Stock Market Analysis: 11/04/10

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Because of this compound effect of dividend reinvesting, my portfolio is growing 18% faster compared to previous years. I hope that the next 25K threshold will be reached much quicker because the compound effect of the monthly dividends. 0.0938 per share. With my addition of 80 shares, I will be getting $7.50 per month in dividends. In February, I received a total of $158.33 in dividends vs $105.38 for the same period a year ago. My total Year-to-Date dividend income for 2016 is $330.67. In October, I received a total of $219.73 in dividends vs $190.03 for the same period a year ago. All dividends are reinvested into dividend paying trendy boutique s. Since circuit breaks are rare and we don’t have lots of events to go on, it’s hard to say how effective they are. I can't say enough about how all the books I've read that have brought me out of the well of multiple sclerosis.


So every investment now in a security would be purchased with the intent of holding that security (and adding to it during the years) until the dividend income from that security is ample enough to ease the loss of income from retiring from my job. Here’s the break-down of other online income during the month. Usually I add $800 per month of fresh capital, combine that with monthly dividends of $150, my purchasing power now becomes $950 per month towards new stocks. Most of my stocks pay dividends on monthly basis. Based on my forecast I should get around $2,000 in dividends in 2016. It doesn't sound like a big amount but it’s growing every year. The maximum amount that I can contribute in 2016 is $5,500. Since I have contribution room from prior years I will continue to add $800 per month until I reach my maximum contribution. The maximum amount that I can contribute in 2017 is $5,500.



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