No doubt everybody uses apps in daily life. Some of them will be using for personal needs and some of them will be using for their business or marketing and so on..
But you would have been seen some users that they are required some apps but they don't able to get it, because th

Seerab ‎Map

Seerab map brings all the information about the property and location within Pakistan. When you are searching about property dealers or investors, you can easily locate through the seerab map. Seerab map is being used by many companies within more than 12 cities to identify property locations. 
Now the long process of searching location is going to end due to the seerab map. So are you a property dealer or budget investor, you should have seerab pam from today because it has resolved all of the issues and headaches about the locations. Seerab map is 
100 % free to download and available in the google play store.
Urdu Novel Collection

Urdu Novels App is an exclusive android platform where you will find an exciting range of Urdu novels. We have an interesting Urdu novel collection. All the Urdu literature fans, avail this best Urdu novel reading app now!
Urdu novels hold a special place in the circles of students, poets, book readers around the world. Especially within Pakistan, the classic Urdu books and novels are of paramount importance. These are not limited to the book-worms rather they catch the eyes of every person embracing the regards for culture and arts. Hence we have composed these enormous numbers of novels from the Urdu libraries into one reading app so that you can enjoy all your favorite novels in one place. So grab this novels app 2020 now for the best Urdu novels ever. 


Reviewlancer is one of the best android application that will bring you all the latest features about reviews for your android and ios apps, games, and websites. It is freely available to download from the google play store. It also has review exchange functionality through that you can easily exchange your desired reviews for getting more ranking for your apps and games. For the best and the quickest result for your apps and games, it has the paid review feature through that you would get awesome results with a huge amount of traffic. It will rank your app or game on the top. For more detail, we have also a website platform with the same reviewlancer name. 
Friends SMS Sharing
Friend SMS Sharing is an android platform that helps you to provides the facility to send SMS to foreign countries. As we all see that there are too many requirements to sent SMS to the foreign countries, as some of us will have family living in the out of country, some will have friends or some of us will have relatives and so on, so to send SMS to them is too much expensive and that is the reason nobody is able to send SMS directly from their smartphones. But no worry because we have brought such an android app that through this app you will easily contact on SMS either are your family, your friends, your relatives, other people and your loved ones, so to avail this opportunity you have to click on the given link and just download it and then make friends, etc and enjoy this amazing platform.