Some things have a very big concern with our life, either it is in the sense of smart games or smart apps and then smartphones. As this is in our view that everyone has at least one smartphone. This is also happening in that some bodies have more than one smartphone. Some users would like

Friends SMS Sharing
Friend SMS Sharing is an android platform that helps you to provides the facility to send SMS to foreign countries. As we all see that there are too many requirements to sent SMS to the foreign countries, as some of us will have family living in the out of country, some will have friends or some of us will have relatives and so on, so to send SMS to them is too much expensive and that is the reason nobody is able to send SMS directly from their smartphones. But no worry because we have brought such an android app that through this app you will easily contact on SMS either are your family, your friends, your relatives, other people and your loved ones, so to avail this opportunity you have to click on the given link and just download it and then make friends, etc and enjoy this amazing platform. 


Reviewlancer is one of the best android application that will bring you all the latest features about reviews for your android and ios apps, games, and websites. It is freely available to download from the google play store. It also has review exchange functionality through that you can easily exchange your desired reviews for getting more ranking for your apps and games. For the best and the quickest result for your apps and games, it has the paid review feature through that you would get awesome results with a huge amount of traffic. It will rank your app or game on the top. For more detail, we have also a website platform with the same reviewlancer name.

Seerab ‎Map

Seerab map brings all the information about the property and location within Pakistan. When you are searching about property dealers or investors, you can easily locate through the seerab map. Seerab map is being used by many companies within more than 12 cities to identify property locations. 
Now the long process of searching location is going to end due to the seerab map. So are you a property dealer or budget investor, you should have seerab pam from today because it has resolved all of the issues and headaches about the locations. Seerab map is 
100 % free to download and available in the google play store. 
Urdu Novel Collection

Urdu Novels App is an exclusive android platform where you will find an exciting range of Urdu novels. We have an interesting Urdu novel collection. All the Urdu literature fans, avail this best Urdu novel reading app now!
Urdu novels hold a special place in the circles of students, poets, book readers around the world. Especially within Pakistan, the classic Urdu books and novels are of paramount importance. These are not limited to the book-worms rather they catch the eyes of every person embracing the regards for culture and arts. Hence we have composed these enormous numbers of novels from the Urdu libraries into one reading app so that you can enjoy all your favorite novels in one place. So grab this novels app 2020 now for the best Urdu novels ever.
Video Cutter
Video cutter is an amazing android app that will bring you the functionality that you will cut even a part of any video or music whenever you like or love. Actually, when we watch videos or listening to music and at that time we have some desire for those songs and videos and we have the desire to download that but some times we are facing the space issue in our smartphones, so to avoid this worry we have brought this app that will fulfill your desired need without any space issues. 
OnScreen Media Player
Onscreen Media Player brings you all the formats of videos playing. This HD video player app plays almost all galleries and online videos. If you have a large video collection, the app will help you to organize it. 
On-Screen Media Player provides a clean user interface. Using a floating mode feature, you can do multitasking like texting or reading emails. 
Face Comparison

Face Comparison is an interesting app, that has a lot of fun features to do with your face. Face comparison It is the best app with a lot of features and tools that are super easy and fun to use.
Features of the face comparison:
Face Attributes: You just give your picture and It’ll tell you how old you look. Gives you your smile percentageBeauty percentage calculates emotions based on your pictures also calculates your skin health based on your picture. You can now find out your resemblance with someone using this app. App gives you how much you look like the other person. Fun face feature lets you have fun with faces by combining two faces. Celebrity matches lets you find out how much do you resemble your favorite celebrity. Love match lets you find love percentage with your partner.
Photo Mixer/Blender
The photo mixer or blender is the app with all the new features to mix or add your different pics into the same. Add your photos to the different formats and styles.
Photo mixer/blender allows you to select pictures with your own choice and with different sizes. Photo mixer/blender allows you to make a new picture with the camera or select from your gallery to make it into the one. Create professional photo effects with advanced tools like mixing, effects, overlays and many more.

Image Blur/Unblur

Image blur effect photo has a classic trend now. The blur image apps are popular among college and university students. Whether you are at a party or having the fun time at the picnic on some top of the hill station, make sure you have this blurry background camera app. So don't miss the chance of making blur photos with a stunning blur pic editor. Grab this blur camera app and carry on pic blurring. Open the blur photo editing app, drag your finger on photo and blur image instantly with focus effects and blur.
Photo image Mirror
The photo image mirror is an amazing photo editor with new features. Use photo mirror to edit your photo with mirror effects. This app has amazing and interesting features.
Feature Highlights:
Photos from Gallery and Camera. Load up photos from your gallery or just open up the in-app camera to take a beautiful picture and make it all the way more beautiful through the app.
This is not at all but this photo mirror has also the effects of 2D,3D, and Filters that show your image with all the new and attractive graphics and poses.
Dual Camera Photo Shooter
Dual Camera Photo Shooter is an amazing photography app to make dual photos via the front camera as well as back camera at the same time and mix it in one picture to look amazing. Taking photos with Dual Camera Photo Shooter is a new way to capture photos and share them on social networks. In addition, you can merge the pictures of both cameras horizontal, vertical and in picture-in-picture mode. And then you can share your picture via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp with your friends and your loved ones.

Crazy Photo Filter

Crazy Photo Filter app enables you to adjust the filters that suit your taste. The app has multiple filters to choose from like paint, sketchcontrastbrightnesstoon, and grayscale. Once you did the editing, you can easily save the file share it with your friends. The app enables you to experiment with various filters to see which one looks best.
The app enables you to add your saved pictures from the gallery. Most of the times we want to make better our previously saved pictures. Just select your pictures from the gallery, the rest modification work will be done by the application. 

Video Joiner

Video Joiner is a very interesting android app. Obviously, we have videos on our smartphones.No doubt some videos may be personal and some may be generals. Some times we want to make such a video in which we have joined more videos in the same video but we don't such a tool that will do it for us.
No worry this app has brought all the features in which you will join your videos easily and it will also enable you to join your videos with background music.

Selfie with Ghost 

Selfie with ghost is an amazing and easy editing app in your smartphones. The app comes out with a built-in camera feature. The app is a handy photo-editing tool where you can fun or scare your pictures within seconds.
The app works as:
  • Add your picture from your gallery or  camera
  •  Pick images from FaceBook
  • Choose ghost and place on the right position on the selected photo
  • Apply different transformation on ghost photo
  • Choose and set a bloody/scary banner on the photo.
  • Write custom text on the photo if you want
  • Download the edited image and also share it on social media or upload it to your Facebook account.
As you see each app of the platform has some concern with your daily life. Every marketer or others would be able to meet with the chance of getting these apps.