Classic WoW Priest Tips

You'll get stealth at level 2, but you may not want to use it right away. It slows you down a lot and all you can do is sinister strike anyway.


No matter which specialization you choose when leveling, your first 10 talent points should go into ‘Spirit Tap’ and ‘Specialization’. Both of these talents will help you keep your mana high and reduce downtime, a significant drawback of Priest leveling. Once you have enough talent points, you can remove ‘’’Wand Specialization’’’ in favor of ‘’’Shadowform’’’.

Spirit is, by far, the most important stat for Priests. Make sure you always take gear with the highest Spirit stat. Not only does it feed your mana regeneration, it also contributes to Spell Power for Priests, meaning spells (be they damaging or healing) will hit harder.

Avoid casting spells which cost a lot of mana. While Shadow Word: Pain is incredibly efficient, other spells might not be. If you are running out of mana, examine which spells you are using and prioritize accordingly.

Priest spells are incredibly varied. Be sure to read the descriptions of each and try them out to become familiar with their effects. Knowing every tool in your toolbox will help you make the most of each one, making you a more well-rounded and powerful player.

Shadow Word: Pain is a potent spell, but it also has a long duration. Avoid casting it on enemies which are close to death. Begin fights with spells like Holy Fire or Smite, then cast Shadow Word: Pain, then finish them off with your wand. Later on (once you have obtained Shadowform, you’ll be better suited using Shadow Word: Pain and spells like Mind Flay.

Once you adjust to the rhythm of playing the Priest class, you may find yourself capping on mana. If this is the case, play a bit more aggresively, using higher damage spells a bit more frequently. Ideally you should be hovering at around 75-80% mana from one pull to the next.

Once you obtain Shadowform, it’s even more vital to prioritize Shadow damage, and this extends to wands as well. If you have two wands with similar damage, but one deals Shadow damage, use that one to gain the 15% Shadow damage boost from Shadowform.

The Priest has a wide variety of spells which are incredibly potent if used in thoughtful and creative ways. For example, did you know Mind Control works on enemy players? If you were to Mind Control an enemy player close to a cliff… well, who’s to say what could happen...

Classic WoW Rogue Tips

You'll get stealth at level 2, but you may not want to use it right away. It slows you down a lot and all you can do is sinister strike anyway. At level 6 you'll get Backstab, at which point if you're paying attention you can stealth behind an aggressive mob and backstab them. You're still so slow that if they turn around and spot you, you won't get the backstab, so it's not always worth it. Where stealth really starts being powerful is when you have sap at 10, which allows you to avoid 1v2ing mobs, and at 24 when you get cheap shot.

Evasion is an immensely powerful cooldown while leveling. Rogues are cooldown-dependent in general, but you need to have especially good decision-making about when to use evasion to fight several mobs, when to fight a hard mob, when to save it for a pvp encounter, and so on. Do whatever you can to avoid using cooldowns without slowing your leveling down (like sapping a mob instead of fighting 2 and using evasion).

Distract feels like a PvE ability and mostly is, but use it where you can in PvP. Making someone turn as you like when they aren't in combat can be valuable. Someone's running away and just got out of combat? Turn them back toward you and laugh at how slowly they fix it. Be creative.

You might think deadly poison sounds good, but double instant poison tends to be better while leveling because things die quickly. If you're on a pvp server you might prefer wound, crippling and/or mind numbing.

Your energy gains are tied to the server ticks - you gain energy the same instant that you gain health while eating, mana while drinking, etc. If you wish to optimize your gameplay, you can get an addon that displays the server ticks for you, and do things like jump on someone out of stealth right before the server ticks.

If a mob resists something you do in stealth, you might leave stealth and have it aggro. Consider sapping things before pick-pocketing them, or before opening on them if it's a tough mob.

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