What e-Learning Courses Can Boost The Career of Your Child?

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Before choosing a course, there should be a question about the career that can be best to kick start your child's career

Before choosing a course, there should be a question about the career that can be best to kick start your child's career. There are many types of courses and career fields in the market, and you should give the right suggestion to your child and show them the big picture of how this can boost not just their career but their lifestyle as well. A project management course is a versatile course that anyone can learn, and it can surely help any field's student since it is all about managing things.


Whether you want to improve your skills to strengthen your skills or take on a new role, indulge yourself in project management certifying is a big step. Additional certifications can bolster your resume or teach you something interesting. Here are the eight best free and paid online project management courses that can help you become a project management professional.





If you're looking for online courses to help you prepare for the Project Management Professional certification, you can try BrainSensei, which offers story-based online learning courses that do not include boring lectures. Having 35 practice lessons for the exam preparation covers all the project management practices. It also includes nine interactive modules with multiple self-assessments upon completion of each module. Better still, you can take four practice tests that provide 800 practice questions.



This project management is known for its straightforward process, which beliefs in implementing all the professional projects. This course consists mainly of three modules covering 28 topics. Depending on your speed, it may take you 10-15 hours to complete all modules. Upon successfully completing this course, you should have the skills to take your career to the next level. Also, if you think you are not able to understand the assignment, you can simply choose online assignment help for any kind of doubt or problem. In addition to a detailed description of the project management methodology, the course teaches you the most important sections of the system development life cycle.



This online project management course is completely remote. As per your comfort, you can purchase the course. An engaging and interactive course includes lectures and hands-on projects. It enables you to steer your career in the right direction by helping you learn relevant project management skills. This project-based curriculum will help you successfully manage the project activity flow in phases such as initiation, planning, execution and completion. Coursera also prepares you to use project management tools and methodology at every stage of a project.


View edX 

Those who want to manage different type of projects they can choose this course to become a project manager as well. This self-paced course requires two to three hours per week. You can expect to be ready in six weeks. While this course is free to take, paid upgrades are available if you want to dig deeper. The edX Foundation Course provides you with the basic knowledge and applied skills for project management. In addition to learning essential communication skills, you will also get to know the reason for the complexity of current projects. The course teaches you the basics of project management using practical methods. When you are done with the course, then you will get a chance to work on real projects with you to learn the skill.


University of Washington 

When you get the certification in project management from Washington University, you get the confidence and skills as well. in the manufacturing, aerospace, construction, and technology industries. In this certification program, you will learn the skills companies expect from their project managers today. Since it is the university, then for sure, you will get many assignment tasks which sometimes can be tricky but the top experts like EduWorldUSA can help you ease the pressure of it. The curriculum includes predictive and agile methodologies that you can implement when conducting challenging projects that involve managing cross-functional teams. In addition, strategic leadership, team building, presentation skills, stakeholder management practices, risk management, and the oversight of management processes are the highlight of the school's curriculum.




This training program is suitable for practising project managers interested in becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. The curriculum for this training includes five additional teaching modules and materials. You'll also enjoy the ease of a live simulated test solution session with an instructor answering your questions, so you are ready for the test. In addition, this course gives you access to study materials, tutoring and support for a year.


Shaw Academy 

To learn project management, especially to become a versatile project manager who knows to manage any project can get the certification from Shaw Academy. The course lasts 17 weeks and includes 34 lessons and exams. In this course, you will learn in four modules how to successfully develop, execute and control a project. You will also learn about the latest project management tools and techniques.