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Not booking a airport pickup car in advance could become a big mistake because you could fall in to unscrupulous hands.

Africa is one of the best locations you can choose for a pleasure or adventurous tour. Kenya in particular is a country of diverse landforms and geographical features and to its credit have an amazing collection of wild animals including the Africa’ big 5 mammals. Kenya is also the co-host of the great migration taking place during July to October every year and the proud owner of Mountain Kenya the second tallest after Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. You can undertake various types of safari including air safari, balloon safari, and elephant back safaris, jeep and van safaris, bike or cycle safaris and even foot safaris accompanied by a well trained and armed guide. Kenya tourism also offers adequate Airport and Hotel Transfers services and do not forget to book them in advance or you will be running from one place to another to catch a taxi which is clean in all respects.

You cannot be negligent of the local environment and lifestyle in Kenya and the type of people you will encounter once you land here. Not booking a airport pickup car in advance could become a big mistake because you could fall in to unscrupulous hands. Not booking accommodations and local travel transport is another big mistake you could make because hiring on the spot will be costlier and untrustworthy. You should only opt for services that are genuine and registered with authorities. African Safari Tours whether it is a one day national park tour or comprehensive 7-10 days tour program which will encompass all including a visit to amazing Masai Mara Reserve and the wildlife spectacular “The Great Migration”.

Besides the wildlife reserves and tall mountains you should also take some time to relax and opt for a beach tour such as Malindi and Lamu Island. When it comes to dramatic landscapes you can term Africa as the number one continent to have such landforms so you won’t miss the natural phenomenon of the “Hells Gate” National Park with narrow breaks in the cliffs. Visit Africa well organized and Kenyan tourism will ensure that your tour is successful and enjoyed the safaris in utmost comfort and luxury.  To book African safari tours call Ashford Tours Travels on phone numbers +254 20 3341101 or +254 20 3341102 or +254 20 3341103 Cell: +254 722742799 or by