You can manage and activate your Norton product by visiting gives you the best protection to protect your computer against viruses, malware, trojans and rootkits from cyber threats.


Some of the simple steps to be followed for resolving the login issues occuring while using a Norton antivirus are:


  • It’s better to keep the Norton antivirus updated regularly.
  • It’s also important to keep Google Chrome updated.
  • Scanning for the virus from time to time is also important.
  • It’s recommended to remove the caches from the browser, IP and DNS.


They can also go on to following these alternative measures:

  • Restarting the computer and ensuring proper internet connection.

If the issue doesn’t get resolved even after performing the above-mentioned resolutions, the user should then ensure that they’ve got access to the web because poor connectivity of the web can stop the user from login/sign-in into their Norton account.

You can also try to restart your computer as well as the router which might reset your connectivity and might solve the login issue with Norton antivirus.

  • Activating the product correctly for getting Access to the account.

You won’t be able to login into the Norton Account if your newly purchased Norton antivirus hasn’t been activated correctly.

In such situation:

  •  To your Norton account, Add your Norton subscription.
  • If the user has the numerical key with 25 digits, they then need to open their Norton account and type in that key in the menu of getting started.
  • Once the product gets activated the user can then have access to all its features and this will most probably solve their Norton login issues.
  • Recovering the Norton Account Login Username and Password

If the user has purchased the Norton online subscription they can login only with the credentials which they had used while purchasing the Norton antivirus.

If they are not very sure about entering the right password or the username or if they have forgotten their user-I’d or their password, they can choose the option of password recovery.

  • Open the login page of Norton.
  • The user will then find the option asking if they are having any trouble signing in.
  • Link retrieves the username and password. Click on it to open the page which will ask for your mail.
  • Enter the mail - continue.
  • A message will be received. Open that message to find the instructions for opening your mail. Open your mail and click on the given link to follow the rest of the instructions for recovering the account details of Norton antivirus.