I love the style of OSRS Remastered

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So many posts on HD and Remastered OSRS gold lately, it's going to be interesting to see Jagex's official response if/when they decide to give one. I believe regardless of what they choose, a lot of folks will not like what they decide, but it's apparent this is something that's not likely to disappear by ignoring it. Nothing describes this community better than"a lot of individuals dont enjoy what they decide". Everybody would be for this...if only they can hire some extra artists also it not result in any issue with future and present upgrades.

..just waiting on images tran to have the ability to get to it." I promise nobody will vote. Also the images have to be clicked or toggle-able and in the screen like the old days. In case it does not consume any dev time and it does not force people to use it...there is literally zero reasons for people to not need it other than being those people who vote.

I believe it inevitable it will happen, I don't want Jagex investing loads of time into creating and keeping it. I would monetarily support a third-party customer for this. The problem is that when it's a third party customer, Jadex wouldn't be able to market it and bring in that new player base. The material creators because of this, although consistently got. Can't Jagex advertise a third party customer? Or perhaps have a dedicated drop down list connecting to party customer sites. Programmers can apply to have their customers be assessed and confirmed.

I love the style of OSRS Remastered. I really don't care if it is an unpopular opinion to the OSRS purists/hardcores. Do not wait to see this when it's finished. There are"efficient" paths like performing wintertodt to 99 and becoming 99 thieving early but these things aren't that fun and that I do not think the vast majority of ordinary ironman accounts do them.Imagine thinking that 95%+ of ironman follow exactly the same cookie cutter guide lmao.

I can not tell you how much I hate the OSRS team of Jagex. The lovers do a much better job for free. I believe you got it twisted. All of the are required to perform from surveys their company, and other areas. This is just 1 dude working on something to buy runescape gold safe that he is really enthusiastic about and honestly is likely trying really hard to earn money out of it. If jmods must do whatever they desired to operate on as a passion RuneScape would be drastically different. But that will not happen. The best developments to osrs has been runelite and soon to be this. How they hell does each bounty hunter upgrade really get worse? I think the best update to RuneScape game from strictly Jagex has been Fossil Island.