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For WOW players who would rather play the current version of classic wow gold of World of Warcraft than look to its past, the Shadowlands expansion revealed last season is still on its way. Scheduled for release in 2020, Shadowlands will require WOW players to World of Warcraft's version of the afterlife where they'll align themselves with one. Raiding at MMOs can get severe, however, the unlucky Blackwing Lair group seemed to take its wipe that is unusual in stride. If nothing else, it indicates that WOW Classic content may surprise WOW players years after it first seemed.

World of Warcraft Classic has added the prior EverQuest manager to its development team. This information comes soon after the rumors regarding Blizzard possibly eyeing a console release for their major title, and after Blizzard activated a loony XP increase for World of Warcraft WOW gamers for a complete month. Since its launch, WOW Classic has garnered a wealth of focus, together with WOW players recording intriguing raid wipes and diminishing the sum of WOW Classic's entire subscribers.

In accordance with MassivelyOP, Blizzard has added former EverQuest boss, Holly Longdale, into the WOW Classic development group from Darkpaw Games -- a subsidiary of parent company Daybreak after her departure. Longdale joined the company as a"Principal Game Producer in Blizzard." After Longdale's departure, Jennifer Chan took charge of Darkpaw Games and the future of this EverQuest franchiseputting both a patch for EverQuest II and a speech out to WOW players.

Longdale originally left Daybreak at March 2020, citing her motive for exit to be the pursuit of a"once-in-a-lifetime chance that [she] owe[s] to all WOW developers and players of EverQuest and EverQuest II."

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