That performance appears like its own worthy of a Pink Diamond

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In reaction, NBA 2K MT reminded players that adverts"have been incorporated into 2KTV segments" for a couple of years, but said that"yesterday 2KTV ad placement changed our players' expertise in ways we didn't intend, because these advertisements are not meant to run as part of their pre-game introduction." As a result, the problem"will be repaired in future episodes," although there is no word on exactly when the change will be implemented. It will not sound as though the ads will actually be moving away. 2K points out they've been set up for a while already, and that the problem here seems to be where the ad showed up, not the simple fact that it had been there in the first place. Hopefully the placements will be subtle in the future, but it looks like in-game adverts are put to be a part of the NBA 2K games for a while yet.

That performance appears like its own worthy of a Pink Diamond, at least. Additionally, the day after Jordan registered the triple-double against the Warriors, he also scored his second-most points at a single regular-season game against a rookie Shaquille O'Neal, former Bulls head coach Scott Skiles and the Orlando Magic. On the second half of a back-to-back, Jordan had 64 points, but the Bulls lost the match in 128-124.

NBA 2K20's MyTeam began a new collection of cards on Wednesday known as Career Highlights. Notice, I say"chance" since you are going to need to get the ball drop in the right slot on the decoration board to win the card. I was able to acquire the Jordan cardbut you should know, you have to be Buy 2K21 MT blessed as the winning slots are both furthest on each side of the board.