Chargers Joey Bosa's Madden22 ratings leave space for expansion

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EditionThe beginning of Mut 22 coins every NFL season brings EA's Madden 22. This one is especially thrilling for LA Chargers fans, as Justin Hebrert will have a more of a rating than he did as an rookie in Madden 22. This makes it a thrilling experience.

Herbert's rating isn't yet released as ratings are slowly released. Two Charger players, Joey Bosa (and Keenan Allen) have been evaluated. Allen, a 93-year-old overall is among the league's ten highest-rated wide receivers. For as much as Keenan Allen is regarded as a sleeper, this is a happy surprise.

Joey Bosa's Madden 22 rating is good, but still has room for growth for the LA Chargers edge rusher.
Joey Bosa is a Madden 22 left outside linebacker , who is a overall 92 (in earlier editions, he was a right-handed player, but due to the LA Chargers switching to a 3-4 defense, Bosa is now a left-side linebacker). I'd be hard pressed to be unhappy with the grade Bosa was given as he's one of the top edge rushers you can find.

But, this isn't the maximum ceiling for Bosa. Bosa should be in upper 90s by the end of the year and Madden adjusts his ratings. There is no reason to be surprised if Bosa was rated as second-best to Aaron Donald as a defensive lineman.

Staley is the main reason. Bosa has already been elite in his professional career, however Staley has made a living from helping elite players even better. Von Miller and Khalil Mack thrived under Staley. In actual fact, Mack had a career year under Staley as his outside linebackers coach , but hasn't reached that level since. Mack remains an outstanding player, however the team hasn't been able to replicate the 2018 season. Mack had some of the best matchups with Staley and cheap Madden 22 coins was dealt to the Denver Broncos with Vic Fangio.