Want to buy best Surface Disinfection - Acuva Solarix (7011645479)

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The surface disinfectant spray helps keep us safe by killing germs like bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses. The surface disinfectant spray also kills rotavirus and norovirus. Make sure that you don’t wipe the surface. Allow it to air dry. The spray should not be used on brass and copper

Indian homes generally stock surface disinfectants and an assortment of surface sanitizers to stay the house clean and free from germs and bacteria. However, the deadly Coronavirus since last year has driven home the importance of hygiene in our lives as never before. In fact, these sanitizers and sprays became our major weapons to fight the marauding virus and ensure our safety and well-being. Acuva solarix provides the world's best UV-led based surface disinfection device. It disinfects Covid-19 up to 99.97% in just 10 seconds. Solarix is compact and foldable, so it allows you to carry it anywhere. It takes care of all your surface sanitisation needs. Want to know more about surface sanitisation:
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