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Facebook AlternativePhoenix, AZ - The latest internet trend in 2019 is The website is a social-media space based in Phoenix, AZ. The company boasts the slogan, “If you can Share It, we can Bare It.”

The purpose and mission of Bare Itis to meet the demands of thousands of people who have been banned and blocked from posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Liberal-minded, social-media platforms have been assaulting Conservatives and traditional-value groups by preventing them from participating in public discussions.

On Facebook, for instance, if someone’s comment offends a Liberal group, he/she is banned or censored. The irony is Facebook and other companies claim Conservatives and Christians should be more tolerant of Liberal ideologies. People should just accept their alternative lifestyle. On the contrary, the same requirement is not required of opposing groups having to accept other values beside their own. There is a double standard.

It is clear that companies sympathetic to non-traditional beliefs and values do not want Conservative or Christian comments publicly visible. They want to hide the fact that there is growing opposition to their position.

Bare It founder and CEO, Anthony Abaca, states:

“I want to attract people who have been banned from online, public, social-media spaces. People with legitimate opinions have a right to express themselves. Companies, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, have no justifiable reason to censor people’s comments. Censorship is a deceptive moral practice because it does not reveal the truth. This practice deceptively forces people to ‘Just accept it!’”

According to the founder, “The truth has to be told.” When it comes to responsible communication, it is up to every one of us to accept no compromise. By joining and signing up with Bare It you will ensure that current and future generations can live in a world where a basic human right to free speech is never compromised.

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