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If You Can Share It, We Can Bare It! Create a free alternative, social media account. Connect with family, friends, and many other people you know or may want to know. Share your photos, videos, and send messages. Get and send get updates. Create a personal or business web space for free!

If you can share it, we can bare it!

Responsible, Censor-free Social Media. A majority of main-stream medias, companies, and corporations have elected to infringe on upon the free speech of Americans whose views do not align with their radical, socio, re-engineering beliefs. Many conservative Americans have found themselves banned from mainstream social media platforms. Some American have lost their livelihoods or have been fined because of refusing to comply to unethical practices that go against their moral conscience.

No Double Standards. In an age where tolerance and bullying is considered criminal, it is ironic that those who claim to experience intolerance and bullying DO NOT tolerate anyone whose opinions, differ from theirs. These groups have often resorted to violence and criminalizing long-standing, traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs. There is a double standard and BareIt.us we will not stand for it!

BareIt.us is a social media platform where respect for time-tested, traditional, Judeo-Christian moral values are upheld as a standard. Your views, no matter how different from the main stream media, will not be censored. It is our belief that the freedom of speech and assembly shall not be infringed upon law-abiding citizens from every social, philosophical, ideological and or political spectrum. Won't you join us today?

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